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Now, you can easily burn calories anywhere, simply strap the headband on & have fun at the same time, with the all-new Punch Reaction Ball.

The unpredictability of the rebounding ball will help you train your reaction time, agility, punching speed, fitness, and hand-eye coordination while providing an interesting workout that will sculpt your muscles.

The headband can be adjusted, making this reaction ball set ideal for adults, kids, and even professionals! Convenient & easy to use anytime & anywhere!


Great Workout method
It trains your reaction time, agility, punching speed, fight skill, fitness, and hand-eye coordination while burning a lot of calories in the process.
Lightweight and Portable
You don't have to go to a gym, strap the headband on, have fun and burn your body within 15-20 minutes! Perfect for work breaks or school breaks or even for the beach and the park.
Perfect for everyone
It comes with adjustable headband, making this set ideal for adults, kids, and even professionals.
Made of durable material,anti-wear,scratch-resistant.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Ball diameter: 60 mm
  • Headband length: 680 mm; width: 38 mm
  • Head circumference: 460mm - 650mm


  • Punch Reaction Ball